I am so pleased to announce that, in a game changing move for the consulting sector, 28 of Australia’s leading independent consultants and business specialists have come together to form a new consulting and business advisory network under the ODIN360 brand.

The hand picked team includes some of the most experienced consultants in Australia who have worked at the ‘coal face” as successful leaders of organisations, both large and small, public and private. They understand the issues and challenges faced by businesses every day. They know what works and how to make it happen!

Our team includes Directors, CEO’s and GM’s from corporate, government and “for purpose” sectors. They have led statutory authorities, state & local government bodies; tourism, cruise and accommodation businesses; AFL & NRL clubs; sporting organisations; national construction projects; major international sporting, cultural and business events; convention and exhibition centres; sporting and aquatic facilities; multi channel franchises, superfunds and casinos just to name a few!

Our consultants are supported by our specialist advisors who have extensive experience in sales & marketing, data and digital transformation, market research, people & culture, finance, community consultation and most importantly working in partnership with First Nations and Traditional Owner groups.

Every consultant and specialist is committed to sharing their experience, knowledge and learnings in a relevant and practical way to add real value for ODIN360 clients.

The ODIN360 team cover the whole “360 degree” of business operations and are truly “best in breed”.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about how ODIN360 can assist you and your business, please feel free to contact me or any member of the ODIN360 team.