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Our founder, Steven Wright, saw a real need for a new style of business advisory and executive support service for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) and Government businesses. Particularly in the sectors in which he had worked for over 20 years – sport, tourism, major events and “for purpose” . They often had resource issues or complex matters that needed addressing but, for a number of reasons, could not be serviced adequately by the top tier consulting companies.

Steven set out to address the issue and ODIN360 was born.

He has built a network of consultants and specialists who are experts in their relevant disciplines. In ODIN360 the team work together to deliver first class meaningful, relevant and affordable consulting and advisory services.

We understand the short and long term opportunities and issues facing our clients and we work closely with them across the whole 360 degrees of their business operations. We bring a new and fresh approach to business advisory services and support

ODIN360 and/or Steven Wright are proud members and supporters of the following organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ODIN360?2021-08-04T03:30:20+00:00

ODIN360 has brought together Australia’s leading independent consultants into one organisation in a shakeup for the consulting industry. The clients of ODIN360 and the individual consultants now have access to a full service consulting team that covers the length and breadth of all their strategic and operational needs. Our consultants work as part of a collective group to ensure they can provide the best service for ODIN360 and their clients.

How is ODIN360 different to other top tier consulting firms?2021-08-04T03:30:59+00:00

Our team are not simply consultants. They are former leading industry executives with decades of strategic and operational experience. They have held senior executive and board roles across all levels of government, tourism, sport and major events organisations and the commercial sector. We develop strategies and plans that are not only best practice, based on our years of experience but most importantly they are practical, relevant and can be implemented. An ODIN360 plan will never sit on the shelf because it’s too complicated to deliver.

What services do ODIN360 provide?2021-08-04T03:31:33+00:00

In addition to providing traditional management consulting and business services, we also are willing to take the extra step for our clients and are happy to jump in with our sleeves rolled up to make sure that our clients get the best results available. This includes providing interim and virtual executive services for clients that might have short term gaps in their executive teams or simply need to increase their strategic capability for a period of time. We also are willing to serve as directors and advisory board members. In addition, in the areas of our particular focus we can also help in developing and implementing operational plans, bespoke research projects and performance measurement, to name a few. Learn more here.

What are ODIN360’s areas of speciality?2021-08-04T03:32:02+00:00

With the breadth, depth and experience of our consulting team, we are able to provide first class consulting services across multiple commercial industries. In addition, we have particular expertise in the government, tourism, sport, major events, franchise and “For Purpose” sectors. The members of our consulting teams have held Board, CEO, COO and GM roles in each of these areas. We also have specialists and preferred partners in aligned areas such People & Culture, Human Resources, Holiday Park Operations, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Media Buying, Revenue Management, Community Consultation and Indigenous Engagement.

Who are the consultants and specialists on the ODIN360 team?2021-08-04T03:32:29+00:00

Our team have been Directors, CEO and GM’s of Statutory Authorities, Major Events, Venues & Festivals (eg Formula One Grand Prix, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne Food & Wine), Local Government, AFL clubs, Major Projects, Franchises, Casinos, Advertising Agencies, SuperFunds, State Tourism Offices and Regional Tourism Boards. The names, extensive experience and qualifications of our Consultants and Specialists are detailed here.

What does the name “ODIN360” mean?2021-08-04T03:33:09+00:00

“ODIN” is a Norse god. Some might know him as the father of THOR but we know him as the “God of Wisdom” who fought for what he believed in. We believe that these are apt values for ODIN360 and now represent what we stand for. We bring our wisdom earned over many years of experience together with our commitment to fight for our client’s best interests. The “360” recognises the fact that we are a full service agency and can support our clients across their entire operations.

Where is ODIN360 located?2021-08-03T00:57:48+00:00

With our consultants and specialists located across Australia, we service the whole of Australia and New Zealand. Given that Covid-19 restrictions may apply on travel in some states, we are also able to service our clients via technology, or provide support from other consultants within the network.

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