Our team of Consultants and Specialists have been chosen because we believe they represent the best in their field. All the team have had lengthy practical experience at the highest level and provide valued, commercial and relevant advice.

Our highly experienced Consultants have lived and breathed strategic issues and challenges everyday in their business life. They have been Directors, CEO and GM of Statutory Authorities, Major Events, Venues & Festivals (eg Formula One Grand Prix, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne Food & Wine), Local Government, AFL clubs, Major Projects, Franchises, Casinos, Advertising Agencies, SuperFunds, State Tourism Offices and Regional Tourism Boards. They now apply their knowledge and learnings developed over many years for the benefit of our clients.

Our Specialists have the detailed strategic and operating knowledge in their area of expertise that bring great value to our clients. Their skills cover the whole “360 degree” needs of a business operation.

Our team is :

Steven Wright
Steven WrightLead Consultant
Strategy & Operations – Commercial, Government, Sport, Tourism, Franchise
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Natalie O’Brien AM
Natalie O’Brien AMConsultant
Strategy & Operations – Government, Tourism, Destinations, Major Events
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Tim Bamford
Tim BamfordConsultant
Strategy & Operations – Major Projects: Facilities, Venues & Precincts; Major Events
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Natalie Hughes
Natalie HughesConsultant
Strategy, Finance, Audit & Risk – Commercial, Gaming, Retail, Hospitality
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Dale Dickson PSM
Dale Dickson PSMConsultant
Strategy & Operations – Local Government, Economic Development
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Tammy Marshall
Tammy MarshallConsultant
Strategy & Operations – Cruise Sector, Hospitality and Tourism
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James Paterson
James PatersonConsultant
Strategy and Operations – Tourism, Major Events, Research
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Simonne Shepherd
Simonne ShepherdConsultant
Tourism Strategy – Domestic & Middle East, Destination Partnerships
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Jason Mifsud
Jason MifsudSpecialist
Engagement of Traditional Owners and Indigenous Communities
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Liz Ward
Liz WardSpecialist
Digital Marketing Performance – Capability, Training and Advisory
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Dr Claire Ellis
Dr Claire EllisSpecialist
Destination Planning and Tourism Product Development
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Graham Plant
Graham PlantConsultant
Strategy & Operations – Commercial, Data, Martech, Transformation
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Andrea Plawutsky
Andrea PlawutskySpecialist
PR Communications, China Tourism Specialist
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Matt Ryan
Matt RyanSpecialist
Risk, Digital and IT Transformation
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Jennifer Adams
Jennifer AdamsSpecialist
Executive Communication Coach, Video Content Advisor
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Simon Gorr
Simon GorrSpecialist
Stadium and Infrastructure Planning
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 Tiffany Cherry
Tiffany CherrySpecialist
Sustainability Advisor, Corporate & Function MC
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Karl Flowers
Karl FlowersSpecialist
Economist- Tourism Market, Forecasting and Analysis
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Linda Wayman
Linda WaymanConsultant
Strategy & Operations
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Mike Billing
Mike BillingSpecialist
Local Government, Sport, Marketing Operations
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Paul Tadich
Paul TadichSpecialist
Advertising – Media Strategy, Planning and Buying
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Melissa Kalan
Melissa KalanSpecialist
Revenue Management: Hotels, Attractions, Stadiums
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John Dunlop
John DunlopSpecialist
Licensing, Talent Management, Promotions
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Amanda Evans
Amanda EvansSpecialist
People & Culture – Human Resources Management
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David Mahony
David MahonySpecialist
Executive, Interim and Event Staff Recruitment
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Paul Stuart-Higgs
Paul Stuart-HiggsSpecialist
Holiday Park & Tourism Attraction Quality Control
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Vicky Kristoffersen
Vicky KristoffersenSpecialist
Secretarial Services, Administration, Research
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Peter Woolman
Peter WoolmanSpecialist
Holiday Park Operations & Management
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